Simpleton Font

Published on June 4, 2009 in Fonts


This font is compatible with iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad with iOS >= 4 up to 6.x
To change the system font in iOS you need a jailbroken device and BytaFont.

Supported languages

This font supports the following language(s): Catalan Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Icelandic Italian Norwegian Portuguese Spanish Swedish

How to install

This font is available on Cydia. Be sure you select the package by ModMyi to get any updates as soon they are released.

To install it manually follow these steps:
  • download and unzip the archive on your PC/Mac
  • connect to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
  • copy the folder Simpleton.font from the unzipped archive to /var/mobile/Library/MyFonts (MyFonts folder is created when you install a font from Cydia - Fonts section, otherwise you can create it manually)
To apply, run BytaFont and change the fonts according to your preferences (see BytaFont overview)
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